Everything you need to know about studying for a Sport Management degree at a U.K. university

The U.K. is home to some of the most prestigious names in education and the largest names in global sport, making it the perfect location to pursue a sports-related degree.

One such sports-related degree is Sport Management. With the sports industry continuing to grow, Sport Management degree graduates are in high demand. A Sports Management degree from a U.K. university will be recognised around the world and equip you will the skills needed to pursue a career in the sports industry.

We look at what you can expect to learn when studying for a Sport Management degree in the UK, and why a degree in this billion-pound industry will seperate you from the competition.

What is Sport Management?

Sport management is a field of education that focuses on the business aspects of sport.

There are many different aspects of sport management. Subjects such as marketing, planning, administration, and finance, are all incorporated into the study of sport management.

A degree in Sport Management is ideal for students will appeal to students who have an interest in both sports and business with ambitions to pursue a career in the sporting industry.

What levels of study are available?

  • Undergraduate (3 Years)
    Available Qualifications: BA, BSc

  • Postgraduate (1 Year)
    Available Qualifications: MSc, MA

What will I study?

A sports management degree at any level will teach you about how marketing, finance, and business, apply to the world of sports.

Whilst specific modules may differ based on the level of study and which university you are studying at, you will be introduced to several main themes when studying Sport Management in the UK.

Key themes could include:

  • Business Management in Sport
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Strategic Sports Marketing
  • Event Leadership and Marketing
  • Human Resources and Performance Management

Why study a Sport Management degree in the UK?

The UK is a fantastic environment for students to experience and learn about the sporting industry.

With professional sport teams located throughout the country and major events taking place each year, there are plenty of opportunities for students to meet experienced sport industry professionals.

By studying a Sport Management degree in the UK you will be able to gain practical knowledge, whilst immersing yourself in the British sporting culture.

What careers can I pursue upon graduation?

Graduates of sport management degrees will earn skills that employers are searching for both within and outside the sports industry.

Sport organizations require employees with many of the same financial, operational, and marketing skills as any other business. Upon completion of your degree, you will have various career paths to choose from within the sport industry such as:

  • Health & Fitness Managers
  • Sport Agencies
  • Facility Managers
  • Sports Events
  • National Sport Governing Bodies
  • Sport Marketer
  • Sport within Education (School, College or University)

How we can help you study Sport Management in the UK

We specialise in aiding international students not only in their pursuit of continuing their education but alongside playing sport too.

Our free service is tailored to what you are looking for and through relations with coaches across the nation we can locate the right opportunities for you.

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