Five sports added to the world’s premier sporting event!

The International Olympic Committee have announced that Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse (Sixes), Cricket (T20), Squash, and Flag Football have all earned their place on the grandest global stage.

While Lacrosse, Cricket, and Baseball/Softball will be making their comeback in the Olympic Games, both Flag Football and Squash will be making their first ever appearances in 2028.

New Olympic sports at the UK University level

Over the years, UK universities have demonstrated their commitment to inclusivity in sports by actively integrating new and exciting athletic disciplines into their programs, ensuring a diverse range of options for student-athletes.

Along with the global rise in popularity of these five new Olympic sports, UK universities have quickly embraced their inclusion, with numerous institutions already offering competitive teams.

The UK university sports season features Championship events in four of the five mentioned sports, reflecting their international appeal within the UK’s collegiate sports scene.

Learn more about the opportunities that are available at the UK university level for each sport below.


Over 60 universities in the UK offer squash as a competitive sport to their students. With elite facilities and high-profile coaches at the UK’s top sporting institutions, the UK is a fantastic location to develop as a squash player whilst furthering your education.

Students have the opportunity to compete in the annual BUCS Individual Championships, a three-day tournament that gives players of all ability levels the opportunity to represent their UK universities on a national stage.

Learn more about UK University Squash here.

Cricket (T20)

Participating in university-level cricket in the UK presents students with a unique opportunity to experience both an indoor and outdoor cricket season. Students can proudly represent their university in both leagues and exciting knockout tournaments throughout the academic year.

With over 230 university teams divided into 25 competitive leagues, there are plenty of playing opportunities for male and female cricketers of all ability levels to compete alongside their studies.

Learn more about UK University Cricket here.

Lacrosse Sixes

With an impressive 40+ teams and hosting its own Championship event, Lacrosse 6’s is one of the UK’s fastest-growing university sports.

The fast-paced nature of the game, which emphasizes quick decision-making, agility, and stick skills, can make it a valuable training ground for lacrosse players looking to enhance their abilities.

For aspiring lacrosse players, Sixes offers a world of excitement and skill development not to be missed.

Learn more about UK University Lacrosse here.

Flag Football

A non-contact version of American football, Flag Football caters to a wide range of players, from elite athletes to those seeking a more social and recreational experience.

Whilst the sport is not a recognised BUCS discipline, there are plenty of opportunities for students to compete in external leagues and join local teams.

Inclusivity and accessibility are at the heart of Flag Football, making it a game for everyone, regardless of their athletic background or competitive aspirations.

Learn more about UK University American Football here.


Introduced as official BUCS sports in 2021, Baseball and Softball have experienced significant growth within the UK university setting.

Alongside over 40 university teams, there are also numerous established external baseball and softball clubs in the UK, offering students ample opportunities to improve their game and refine their skills.

With the continued expansion of both sports, the future looks promising for student-athletes seeking to compete alongside their university studies.

Learn more about UK University Baseball/Softball here.

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