Some people may be surprised to learn that American Football is played on a wide scale at universities throughout the UK.

Over 4,000 students compete across 80 different teams who compete in league and cup competitions.

One of those teams is the BU Bobcats. Located on the South coast of England, the Bobcats spent last season competing in the South Western Tier 2 division.

They have recently released a documentary, providing a fascinating insight into their season which you can watch below.

Watch Last Chance BU – The Bournemouth Bobcats

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The scale at which American Football is offered at U.K. universities will vary greatly.

At the higher end of BUCS Leagues Players can expect to work with more experienced and position-specific coaches, have a higher frequency of training, and use film to evaluate performances.

Some of the leading American Football universities in the U.K. are able to offer their students some form of sports scholarship which could help to reduce tuition fees or cover the cost of specialist training and support.

You can learn more about American Football at the UK university level via the link below.

U.K. University American Football

American Football

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