Despite the first UCAS deadline of the year having passed, it is still possible to apply for a September 2023 entry!

Missing the UCAS deadline can be a stressful and disappointing experience for students, but it’s important to remember that there are still options available.

Students can still apply for the September 2023 intake and have a range of other opportunities to consider. Here are some things to consider if you have missed the UCAS 2023 deadline:

1. Applications Are Still Open!

UK universities will still accept applications after the January deadline. In fact, international and domestic students can apply through the normal UCAS application system until 30th June, after this date applicants are entered into Clearing.

Applications that are submitted after January are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

This means that the sooner after the deadline that an applicant submits their application, the more opportunities they are likely to have. As time passes, some of the more popular courses will reach full capacity and not accept new applications.

Every academic year we successfully help applicants to apply after the UCAS deadline.

Our expert team provides a fantastic free service that helps prospective UK university students to:

  • Shortlist suitable options that best meet their grades and career ambitions.
  • Submit course and scholarship applications.
  • Secure their house and prepare for departure.

If you would like our assistance in applying for a UK university after the 2023 UCAS deadline, please register your details via the following link and our staff will follow up with you.

2. Consider Reapplying The Following Year

If your preferred course is already full or you have not yet decided on what you want to study, it may be worth taking time to consider your options and reapplying for the following intake.

Reapplying for the following year will provide you with additional time to research your options as well as create a high-quality application without the pressures of school work and exams.

3. Pursue A Gap Year Programme

If you do decide that you wish to reapply for a later intake, you may wish to explore a gap year programme.  A gap year programme will offer you the opportunity to travel, experience a new culture, and recharge ahead of entering university the following year.

As sporting specialists, we are able to provide our applicants with a wide range of sport-specific gap years. Our sporting programmes give applicants the chance to focus on their preferred sport in a wide range of exciting destinations.

You can see the full range of sport-specific gap year opportunities that we can offer our applicants via the link below.

We are here to help!

Missing the UCAS deadline doesn’t have to mean the end of your university aspirations. With many universities throughout the UK still accepting applications in addition to a wide range of gap year opportunities focused on sport and personal development, students still have a lot of opportunities.

Please reach out to us via the following form if you’d like to understand what university and gap year opportunities are available to you.

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