Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

If you have friends, teammates, or even family members who may be interested in coming to the U.K. to pursue their education alongside playing sport – why not use our Athlete Referral Scheme!

Each year, we work with student-athletes eager to share their international adventures with friends, family, or teammates. In our continuous pursuit of connecting with talented student-athletes, we are excited to present our athlete referral program.

Available to everyone, our Refer an Athlete Program provides an opportunity for both you and your referral to each receive a £150 reward.

By participating in this program, not only can you and your friend each earn £150, but you also ensure that your friend benefits from our invaluable, complimentary expert guidance as they embark on their educational journey in the UK.

For every student that you refer who enrols at a U.K. University – you will both earn £150!

How It Works

You can refer as many student-athletes as you like to The Student Sport Company. It doesn’t matter which sport they participate in or which course they intend to pursue; each successful enrollment will make both you and your friend eligible for a reward, without any restrictions!

Here’s how to take advantage of our referral opportunity:

The referred athlete must be introduced to Play Overseas for the first time and not yet applied to our website.

In order to qualify for your reward, the referred athlete must enrol at a U.K. University and complete their first semester of study.

Once the referred athlete has completed their first semester, we will then arrange to pay you and your friend £150 each!

Refer A Friend

To refer an athlete, please provide us with some information about both you and the referrer using the form below. Once we receive your referral, we will inform you at each crucial stage of the application and ensure that once the student athlete completes their first semester, you are notified.