Gap Year Sport

Gap Year Sport

What is a Gap Year?

Depending on where in the world you are from, a Gap Year could be referred to as a prep year, a postgraduate (PG) year, or an overseas experience. Regardless of the name, the idea is the same!

A gap year is where students typically take a break from their education to pursue other interests such as travelling, languages, and sports.

How we can help you pursue a Gap Year

As sports enthusiasts, we seek to provide a range of exciting opportunities for students that wish to pursue a gap year full of their preferred sporting interests.

By working with a wide range of clubs, academies, and sporting organisations around the world, we can present a wide range of bespoke sporting gap year opportunities to suit students of varying sporting backgrounds!

Whether you are looking to compete at the highest possible level and use your gap year to take your game to the next level or wish to spend some time coaching your preferred sport, we are happy to assist you.

How long are our Gap Year programmes?

We are able to provide our students with a wide variety of gap year opportunities that vary in their sport and duration.

The gap year opportunities available to our students range from 2 weeks to 12 months and start at multiple times throughout the year. Students can choose a start date and duration to best suit their needs.

When should you pursue a Gap Year?

After High School

After High School

Students who have completed their high school education and are looking to take a gap year before starting university.

After Your Degree

After Your Degree

Students who have completed a degree and are looking to take a gap year before starting full-time work

Why pursue a Gap Year?

Pursuing a gap year has a wide range of social and cultural benefits, which are only enhanced when pursuing a sport-specific opportunity.

Time To Focus On Your Sport

Whether you have just graduated from high school or university, you will have spent the last few years balancing your sporting commitments with your education. A sporting gap year is an opportunity to fully focus on your sport and develop your game without distractions.

We offer a variety of gap years that are focused on developing athletes with the goal of helping you take your sport to the next level.

Learn A New Language

Move to a new country and immerse yourself in both your sport and a new culture. By surrounding yourself with individuals from all over the world you will quickly pick up new languages.

Many of our gap year opportunities will offer their students the opportunity of also pursuing a language course alongside their sport, maximising their time spent in their gap year location!

Consider Your Next Step

Allowing a gap between both high school and university allows you time to consider your next step.

Whether you are weighing up pursuing full-time work or entering university, a gap year allows you time to fully research your next step and make an informed decision.

The Student Sport Company Gap Year Experiences

We are able to offer sport-specific gap year programmes in the following sports. Select your preferred sport to find out more:

Gap Year Football

Our wide range of football gap year opportunities are designed to allow you to immerse yourself in a full-time football environment with the goal of developing yourself as a player whilst experiencing the sport in a new culture.

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Gap Year Basketball

With our basketball-specific gap year opportunities, we help you to experience life and basketball in a new country. Our wide range of basketball gap year opportunities allow you to develop yourself as a player and experience the sport in a new culture.

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Gap Year Golf

We have golfing gap year opportunities in both Europe and the United States, in locations with favourable weather conditions that allow you to spend more time on the golf course.

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How To Get Started

In order to assist you we will first collect some initial information about your sporting background and find out what your motivations are for your gap year. We will then look through our network of opportunities and put you in direct contact with gap year programmes in a range of exciting countries!


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We send you information on gap year opportunities that best suit your criteria.


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We provide helpful pre-departure advice before you commence your gap year!