When studying in the UK, there are a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

We help international students to pursue their sporting ambitions alongside their education at U.K institutions. We proudly work the leading sporting and academic institutions throughout the U.K. and are able to offer students of all ages and levels of study the opportunity to combine their preferred academic qualification with their sporting ambitions.

Sport Degrees

It’s common to find subjects such as Sport Science and Sports Management offered at universities throughout the U.K. but there are also a large number of specialist sport degrees available for students with specific career ambitions.

Football Degrees

With so many potential opportunities to work within the world of football, a specialist football degree from a U.K. university could be the first step you take to secure a job in this ever growing industry.

Motorsport Degrees

Students pursuing a degree in motorsport at a U.K. university will have the chance to develop their skills in state of the art facilities that include advanced computer labs and dedicated workshops.

Esport Degrees

Alongside the growing opportunities to pursue competitive esport at U.K. universities there are also a wide range of industry focused degrees designed for students seeking a career within esport upon graduation.

Equestrian Degrees

With horseracing festivals such as Cheltenham and the Royal Ascot taking place annually, students of equine courses have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the U.K. equestrian industry.