University Sport Recruitment Services

University Sport Recruitment Services

Experts in UK University Sport Recruitment

UK University sport is offered on a large scale. With over 5,000 teams competing across 50 different sports each academic year, UK university students have a wide range of opportunities to compete in league, cup and knockout events alongside their degrees.

UK university campuses are home to some elite sporting facilities that provide a great venue for aspiring professional and future Olympians to fulfil their athletic potential.

With UK university sport offering so many opportunities to compete, it’s no surprise that students from throughout the UK and around the world wish to take part.

We help students to get recruited to UK University Sports Teams

Finding a university that meets all of your academic and sporting criteria is a hard task. That’s where we can help.

We’ve worked in UK university sport for a long time and developed relationships with coaches throughout the country. We will help you to identify universities that best suit your academic interests and sporting ambitions.

Working with the UK’s premiering sporting institutions, we will seek to secure our applicants a variety of opportunities and then support them through the application process.

Wherever you’re based in the world, we are here to help.

International Applicants

You’re in safe hands. We have helped students from over 40 different countries move to the UK to pursue their sporting ambitions alongside their university degree.

Our free service will help you connect with university coaches across the UK.

UK-Based Applicants

Create your profile. Connect with universities. Get recruited!

Our platform allows UK-based applicants to create a profile and find universities that best meet their sporting criteria. Create your free online profile today to find the right university for you.

Unsure of your status?

On occasion, some of our applicants will have British passports but live outside of the UK. If you’re unsure of whether you’d be classed as a domestic or international student, please let us know and our staff will help you register for the correct service that best suits your status.

We support students of all nationalities, sports and academic backgrounds.

We have helped students from all over the world move to the UK to pursue their education alongside their sport.

With international and UK-based applicants requiring varying levels of support at different stages of the process, our range of free services supports students from all over the world in getting recruited to play UK university sport.