With the new season underway, Formula 1 has recently announced that it will be extending its funding commitment to the Formula 1 Engineering Scholarship programme in European Universities to 2025.

Continuing Formula 1’s drive to increase diversity within the sport; the programme will now be extended for a further four years, enabling scholarships to be offered to 10 more students each year from 2022 through to 2025.

The Formula 1 Engineering Scholarships were launched last year and the programme has so far successfully supported 10 students, who have begun placements in their undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degrees at leading universities in the UK and Italy.

The 10 scholars were selected by the programme’s initial partner universities: the University of Cambridge, Coventry University, Manchester Metropolitan University, MUNER – The Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna (Italy), University of Oxford and Strathclyde University.

However, it is not just the initial partner universities of this scholarship programme that offer students the opportuntiy to pursue an excellent degree in the field of engineering. Many universities throughout the U.K. offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes specific to the motorsport industry. Several examples of the available degrees motorsport degrees available to our applicants can be seen below:

Specialist motorsport degree available at U.K. universities


Motorsport Engineering

A degree in Motorsport Engineering will focus on the ability to use engineering software packages, building production models and carrying out quality control checks on racecars and other machines involved in competitive racing.


Motorsport Technology

Working as part of a team, building, and testing racecars, Motorsport Technology is an exciting and innovative field of engineering studies. The fundamentals of vehicle design are explored early to ensure students have a grounding in core concepts of vehicle design.

Work within the world of motorsport

With so many potential opportunities to work within the world of motorsport, a specialist motorsport degree from a U.K. university could be the first step you take to secure a job in this ever growing industry.

As part of a wider programme of diversity and inclusion initiatives, Formula 1 has committed to creating more employment opportunities by offering apprenticeships and internships across the business. As F1 continues to support a more diverse future in motorsport, we look forward to helping more students work towards their future careers in the industry.

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Students pursuing a degree in motorsport at a U.K. university will have the chance to develop their skills in state of the art facilities and learn from experienced industry professionals.

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