Over the past year we have been helping student-athletes from all over the world connect with UK university coaches, complete their UCAS applications, and apply for sport scholarships.

After working hard to find the right balance of education and sport for each of our applicants, this is always an exciting time of year for our staff as we see our student-athletes arrive on campus to start their degrees and play their first year of UK university sport.

The students that we work assisted varied greatly in terms of their preferred courses, sporting interests and level of ambitions for the future, though they were all united by the desire to continue competing alongside their degree.

Below we profile some of our students who will be proudly playing their first season of UK university sport this September and hear from them on their experience of working with us throughout the process of selecting their university.

Tatiana Antoniou

Nationality: Cypriot
Sport: Volleyball
Course: BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics

Tatiana Antoniou

Nationality: Cypriot
Sport: Volleyball
Course: BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics

As an accomplished student and athlete, Tatiana came to us with extremely high ambition in both her sport and education. Her impressive background attracted interest from numerous volleyball coaches all over the UK and after achieving several options, she decided to accept her and sport scholarship at a Russell Group University.

We feel that Tatiana has found that perfect match that will offer both the combination of academic and athletic excellence.

The Student Sport Company was hugely helpful in regard to introducing me to coaches at the universities during the UCAS application process.

They arranged for me to have a personal chat with the specific coaches and these conversations were very helpful as I wish to continue playing Volleyball at a high level at university in the UK. 

They followed up closely on my progress and if I needed further information, they supplied it quickly.

They co-operated with my school counsellor as well so there was always an effective 3-way communication. As a result of this co-operation, I got a Sports Scholarship at my first-choice university and I am really excited about starting at Newcastle University this month.

Karam Hedrich

Nationality: Tunisian
Sport: Football
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management

Karam Hedrich

Nationality: Tunisian
Sport: Football
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management

Karam has an exceptional amount of football experience for a player of his age and we are now very excited to see him accept an opportunity where he can continue his football development alongside his undergraduate degree.

The talented goalkeeper ultimately selected an opportunity to study in London where he will have no shortage of options to continue competing for both his university and with clubs in the local area that he will connect with upon his arrival.

Working with The Student Sport Company was a great experience! Their team was knowledgeable, professional, and responsive throughout the entire process of finding a suitable UK university for my sport and education. 

They provided me with valuable insights and guidance, which helped me make an informed decision. I am grateful for their support and highly recommend their services to any student-athlete who is looking to pursue higher education in the UK.

Stella Kaufmann

Nationality: Swiss
Sport: Squash
Course: BA (Hons) Media Production

Stella Kaufmann

Nationality: Swiss
Sport: Squash
Course: BA (Hons) Media Production

Having played squash at such a high level for so long, we are delighted to see that Stella now has the opportunity to continue competing for one of England’s leading squash universities whilst pursuing her degree in Media Production.

For our sport recruitment staff, it was an exciting challenge to find Stella an opportunity to study a media-related degree whilst ensuring she had the option to continue playing squash at a high standard. Fortunately, we were able to find her a wide range of exciting options, and in the end, she had several significant scholarship offers to choose from.

Shaun (The Student Sport Company) helped me a huge amount in not only finding the perfect University for me but also guiding me through the entire application process. I always felt I could reach out with any problem or question I had!

Juliette Willows

Nationality: Belgium
Sport: Football
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Juliette Willows

Nationality: Belgium
Sport: Football
Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Juliette’s passion for football shone through as soon as we came in contact with her, she had extensive experience for both her school and club.

With ambitions of reaching the Belgium national team in the coming years, it was important that Juliette found an opportunity where she could continue her football development alongside her degree. After putting her in contact with a variety of coaches, we are delighted to see that she has accepted an opportunity that meets this criteria.

During her time in the UK Juliette will be competing for one of the strongest teams in the BUCS University Football Leagues, as well as having the opportunity to compete in additional leagues outside of this.

I have had the privilege of having been in contact with The Student Sport Company. Through our ‘partnership’, I have witnessed the profound impact of their efforts in nurturing the potential of student-athletes and empowering many more student-athletes such as myself to excel both on and off the field.

Through personalized guidance and resources in which they provided The Student Sport Company has played a pivotal role in simplifying the often complex and daunting process of university applications.

Their expertise and experience have provided me with valuable insights into crafting compelling personal statements, selecting appropriate courses, and approaching and reaching out to many university coaches for the greatest opportunities.

They have recognized the uniqueness of my athletic potential throughout the year and ensured that these strengths, accomplishments, and aspirations were showcased in the best possible light. Thank you Student Sport Company!

Renata Diaz

Nationality: Mexican
Sport: Tennis
Course: BA (Hons) Modern Languages and International Politics

Renata Diaz

Nationality: Mexican
Sport: Tennis
Course: BA (Hons) Modern Languages and International Politics

Renata came to us with a wealth of experience in tennis. Throughout her career growing up she had competed in a variety of ITF Junior events throughout South America. She finished the most recent season within the top 10 ranked players in her age group in the country.

Her impressive level of experience in tennis has resulted in Renata achieving her scholarship at her selected University. With considerable experience competing in both Singles and Doubles we are sure she will make a strong impact over her years playing UK university tennis.

Working with the Student Sport Company has been really helpful since they always provided a lot of guidance regarding any questions or concerns throughout the process of recruitment.

They always checked in to see if all was going well and replied within a day or less to my emails. I am super happy with the university sports program they helped me get into!

Could you be next?

We wish all of our new incoming student-athletes, along with all of our already enrolled applicants a successful season and we look forward to following your success. We will be sure to post updates as the UK university sport season progresses.

As the above student-athletes get ready to commence their first season of UK university sport, our attention has already turned towards those students who are hoping to follow in their footsteps and get recruited for the September 2024 intake.

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