Everything you need to know about playing Squash at a U.K. university

Squash is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience at the UK university level.

Whether you have never picked up a racket before or you are already a talented squash player, we can help you identify the right opportunities to study and play squash at your desired level.

With elite facilities and high-profile coaches, the UK is a fantastic location to develop as a squash player whilst furthering your education.

Below, we answer some popular questions about UK university squash.

Which UK universities offer squash?

Over 60 universities in the UK offer squash as a competitive sport to their students.

Most universities will typically enter multiple teams into various BUCS university leagues each year to provide all of their players, regardless of ability level, the opportunity to experience competitive squash.

At the highest level of U.K. university squash, players will compete in the Premier National Division which will see them have regular fixtures against other teams comprised of some of the strongest players in the U.K.

Outside of BUCS, many UK universities will also enter teams into local and county leagues to provide their squash players with additional opportunities to compete alongside their degree.

How often do UK university squash players compete?

With almost 200 men’s and women’s teams split into 25 different leagues, students will compete in regular weekly fixtures for the first half of the season (October to February).

The second half of the season is when students have the opportunity to win their university some silverware by participating in knockout tournaments. The later rounds of the Conference Cup competitions take place from February through to March, with most finals being played on what is known as BUCS Big Wednesday.

As well as regular weekly fixtures and cup competitions, students also have the opportunity to compete in the BUCS Individual Squash Championships. The annual three-day tournament sees players of all ability levels represent their UK universities in search of gold medals. Among the highlights of the event are the men’s and women’s Group A finals, which feature the best university squash players from across the UK.

Can students receive scholarships to play squash at a UK university?

Yes! Some of the leading universities for squash in the U.K. will be able to offer their students some form of scholarship.

U.K. university sports scholarships are awarded in different ways at each university. Some scholarships may help to reduce tuition fees, whereas others may help to provide a support package to cover the cost of specialist training and support.

We provide free guidance and support for any student who wishes to be evaluated for a potential UK university squash scholarship.

Do UK universities have their own squash facilities?

Yes, again! Many UK universities have their own squash courts on campus.

As well as other training facilities such as performance analysis suites, strength and conditioning gyms, and physiotherapy clinics, students of all ability levels have the opportunity to grow and develop as both athletes and squash players.

Many UK universities will also be partnered with local squash clubs, providing even more opportunities for students to train and compete.

I am looking to play at a high level, are there universities that can help me develop as a player?

UK university squash programmes are designed to help student-athletes reach their full potential with both their academic and sporting goals.

The top university squash programmes in the UK boast high-profile coaches, many of which are professional players who have succeeded on the world stage.

With expert coaching and guidance, and state-of-the-art training facilities available on campus, UK universities have an impressive record of developing world-class players.

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There is a wide range of opportunities throughout the UK for players to pursue squash alongside their university degrees.

We proudly work with the leading sporting and academic institutions throughout the U.K. and are able to offer students of all ages and levels of study the opportunity to combine their preferred academic qualifications with their squash ambitions.

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