We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the January intake at UK universities!

UK universities offer multiple entry dates throughout the academic year to accommodate a diverse range of students and their schedules.

The two main admission periods are in September and January. The September intake, being the larger of the two, is the traditional start of the academic year and attracts a significant number of applicants.

However, the January intake has gained popularity over the years, providing an alternative entry point for those who may have missed the September deadline or who prefer a later start.

In this blog, we break down everything you need to about the UK University January intake by answering some frequently asked questions about enrolling in the spring.

What are the benefits of starting in January?

Choosing to begin your academic journey in January comes with several advantages.

The later entry date offers unique flexibility and presents a range of opportunities perfectly suited to your individual circumstances and ambitions.

Here are some popular reasons why students choose to start their UK university experience in January.

High School Graduation: For students from some countries, January provides an ideal start time that aligns well with their academic calendars and ensures a seamless transition to studying in the UK.

Academic Improvement: Some students might opt for the January intake to retake exams or improve their academic qualifications during the intervening months, enhancing their chances of gaining admission to their desired program.

Time to Prepare: The January intake provides more time for students to prepare their applications and gather necessary documentation. Students can spend a few extra months preparing for the academic challenges of university life in a different country.

Availability of Courses: Some programs may have limited spaces for the September intake due to high demand. Choosing the January intake increases the chances of securing a spot in a preferred program, especially for competitive courses.

Gap Semester: Students who want to take a gap semester for personal growth, travel, internships, or other pursuits can do so and then start their academic journey in January. Learn more about the Gap Year opportunities that we offer here.

What degrees can I study in January?

While not all UK universities offer a January entry, and the number of degrees available for study is generally fewer compared to the September intake, there are still a wide range of courses available to students arriving later in the academic year.

This selection includes popular degrees like Business Studies, Finance, and Computer Science, catering to a wide variety of passions and career aspirations.

With our free service, we can identify universities on your behalf that align with your preferred course and can help you achieve your academic goals.

Can I still play sport if I enrol in January?

Yes! For most team sports, the UK university sporting season runs from September through to April.

This means that any student who begins their studies in January will have the opportunity to join a sports team mid-season and compete for the second half of the academic year.

Your sporting experience beyond the initial second half of the season will be determined by whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate (three years) or postgraduate degree (12 to 16 months).

When should I submit my application for January 2024?

The sooner the better! The UK university application period for January opens in September, allowing you plenty of time to prepare your application and ensure a smooth admission process.

Starting early provides you with the opportunity to carefully review your application, gather necessary documents, and address any potential queries.

Additionally, applying well in advance allows you to secure your spot in your desired program and provides room for any unexpected delays that might arise during the application process.

How we can help you submit your UK University application ahead of January 2024!

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