From late Applications to Clearing, navigate the post-January UCAS Deadline with The Student Sport Company!

The first UCAS deadline of the year (January 31st) has now passed. However, the journey to a UK university education for September 2024 is far from over.

For students who have not yet completed their applications – there is still time to apply!

While the standard UCAS deadline is a significant milestone, UK Universities will still consider your application for a September 2024 entry.

Every year, students successfully apply after the January UCAS deadline. In fact in 2021, almost 10% of all undergraduate applications to U.K. universities came in after the January deadline.

We explore three options available to students who have missed the deadline and break down how The Student Sport Company can support those still seeking to pursue higher education in the UK in 2024.

1. Exploring Late Application Opportunities

If you missed the January 31st UCAS deadline, don’t panic – there is still an opportunity to submit your application and be considered by UK universities.

The UCAS system remains open for late applications, and many institutions are flexible in their admissions processes. However, it’s crucial to act promptly. The longer you wait, the fewer available spaces there may be in your preferred courses.

As a Registered UCAS Centre, The Student Sport Company can guide you through the process of submitting a late UCAS application. Our expert team will help you compile all necessary documents, ensuring that your application stands out despite the late submission.

2. UCAS Extra (February – July)

UCAS Extra is another avenue for late applicants, offering an additional opportunity to secure a place at a UK university.

Open from late February to early July, this option becomes available if you initially applied to fewer than five institutions and have not received any offers. UCAS Extra allows you to add more choices to your application and provides a window of opportunity for those who missed the January deadline.

If you find yourself in this situation, the Student Sport Company can guide you through the UCAS Extra process, helping you make informed decisions about additional course choices and maximizing your chances of securing a place in 2024.

3. Clearing (July – October)

Clearing is an alternative route for students who missed the initial UCAS deadline or did not receive offers from their chosen institutions.

It becomes available on Friday 5th July, and remains open until late September. Clearing allows you to explore available courses at universities that still have spaces. While this option may require some flexibility in your original choices, it provides a second chance to secure a place in one of your preferred institutions.

The Student Sport Company team are experts in navigating the Clearing process. Contact us today, and we will assist you in identifying suitable Clearing options aligned with your academic and sporting ambitions when the time comes.

Your Path to UK Higher Education in 2024 with The Student Sport Company

While missing the UCAS 2024 deadline may present challenges, it is not the end of the road for aspiring students. Exploring late application opportunities, taking advantage of UCAS Extra, and considering Clearing are all viable options to pursue your higher education in the UK in 2024.

Each path has its considerations, and careful research and planning are essential for making informed decisions. This is where we can help!

Our expert team are on hand to help evaluate your study opportunities and guide you through every stage of the UCAS process. We are happy to answer any questions you have relating to your application.

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