We take a look at the various BUCS Championship events still to be played this Summer!

As we approach the end of the 2023/24 academic year, the UK University sport season is showing no signs of slowing down, with more than 10 events, ranging from Archery to Cricket, set to be played throughout June and July.

Every year, over 120 organized university sporting events take place throughout the UK, a number that highlights the scale and longevity of the UK university sport season.

From September through to July, the BUCS event calendar is filled with a range of events that cater to every sporting interest. Whether it’s traditional team sports like football and rugby or individual pursuits like archery and cycling, the UK university sport scene is as diverse as it is extensive, and the competitive spirit is alive all year round.

We take a closer look at the remaining sporting events set to take place in June and July.


From Beach Volleyball to Downhill Mountain Biking, read about the eight sporting events set to take place at locations across the United Kingdom in the month of June.

1st June 2024

LUSL 3×3 Basketball

Kicking off the month, London Universities Sports Leagues will be hosting their first ever 3×3 tournament at Clapham Common Basketball Courts in South London.

Featuring university teams from all over the UK, this fast-paced competition will see students battle it out in fast, high-energy, and intense matches in a bid to be crowned National Champions.

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6th -7th June 2024

Beach Volleyball Championships

The 2024 BUCS Beach Volleyball Championships return to the South Coast of England for two intense days on the iconic Sandbanks Beach.

Hundreds of students will gather on the stunning shores of Bournemouth for the final volleyball event of the season, to compete in three different knockout style tournaments: the Championship, Trophy, and Shield.

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8th-9th June 2024

Outdoor Archery Championships

Precision and focus will be on full display as the UK’s most talented student archers represent their universities in the pinnacle event of the archery season.

Featuring beginners to experienced international level archers, students will showcase their skills across various categories including recurve, compound, longbow and barebow, with the aim of becoming National Champions.

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8th June 2024

10 Mile Time Trial Championships

Hundreds of students will test their speed and endurance in the BUCS 10 Mile Time Trial Championships on Saturday the 8th of June.

The 10-mile race against the clock through the idyllic village of Kinoulton in Nottinghamshire, England promises thrilling finishes and personal bests.

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9th June 2024

Downhill Mountain Bike Championships

One day after the time trial, mountain bikers will showcase their skill and bravery in the BUCS Downhill Mountain Bike Championships, as they tackle the treacherous Berwyn DH Track in the picturesque village of Glyn Ceiriog, Wales.

This thrilling event marks the culmination of the cycling season, drawing adrenaline enthusiasts from far and wide to witness students battle for BUCS points and medals.

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12th – 14th June 2024

Equestrian Championship & Trophy Finals

In the pinnacle event of the equestrian season, students from universities around the country will gather to compete in the prestigious BUCS Championship & Trophy Finals.

The UK’s most talented student riders will showcase their skills in thrilling Dressage and Showjumping competitions over three action-packed days at the state-of-the-art Easton College Equestrian Centre.

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22nd June 2024

Triathlon: Standard Distance Championships

The third and final Triathlon event of the season is a gruelling test of endurance and athleticism over three challenging stages: a 1500m lake swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run.

Talented athletes from universities across the UK will travel to Whitlingham Country Park in the picturesque county of Norfolk, Eastern England, to push their physical and mental limits to the extreme one last time this year.

Learn more about UK University Triathlon here.

26th June 2024

Men’s Outdoor Cricket Trophy Final

Closing out June, two of the UK’s top cricket teams will clash in the highly anticipated Men’s Outdoor Cricket Trophy Final.

League matches are scheduled throughout June to determine this year’s finalists who will compete for the prestigious BUCS Trophy at the Kibworth Cricket Club in Leicestershire, England.

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As July arrives, the excitement of UK university sports shows no signs of slowing down.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Cricket Championships will take place at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground, affectionately known as the ‘Home of Cricket’.

The Rifle Full Bore Championships marks the final event on the 2023/24 UK University sport calendar, bringing an end to another epic and unforgettable season of UK University sport.

2nd July 2024

Men’s Outdoor Cricket Championship Final

3rd July 2024

Women’s Outdoor Cricket Championship Final

18th – 27th July 2024

Rifle: Full Bore Championships

BUCS: The Driving Force Behind Year-Round Competitiveness

Encompassing over 50 diverse sports that captivate thousands of students every year, UK university sport stands as an integral and dynamic cornerstone of the university experience.

With over 6,000 sports teams across UK universities, a vibrant sporting culture flourishes, enabling thousands of students to compete against top-tier athletes and proudly represent their institution in BUCS competitions alongside their studies.

Whether on the field, court, or track, the extensive range of sports and competitions offered by BUCS ensures that UK university sport remains an integral part of student life throughout the year.

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